Support for Watchet Music Festival

The Something Else Tea Tent

Following on from their 2016 creation for Watchet Music Festival's Udder Stage, Chris & Ashley Phillingham have been at it again; designing a stunning new feature to catch the eye of this year's festival goers.

Our Health & "Safe Tea" Manager, Chris, was approached by the organisers of the Watchet Music Festival to see if he could once again put his creative talents to use and manufacture a structure for this year's event. Being a big fan of famous tea drinker Guy Martin, Chris came up with a design for a giant singing teapot for the festival's The Something Else Tea Tent - after "a few brews".

Assisted by his son Ashley, who is also a Taunton Fabrications employee, the two set about rolling, bending and flame cutting the steel into shape; but they did stop for a "few brews" along the way...